About Kounty K9

At Kounty K9, we are focused on providing bed bug detection services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Keith MacKenzie, co-owner and handler, has been working scent detection dogs for over 20 + years in and out of law enforcement at the local, national, and international levels. He strives on a devoted work ethic and reaching every dog's maximum potential.

Leigh, a Springer Spaniel, comes to us from England. She is friendly, energetic, and distinctly driven and motivated. There is not a job too small or large for her. She is agile on her feet and confidently alerts when the source of odor is located.

Together, Handler Keith and Leigh make a dynamic duo fighting the world of bed bugs. Whether or not you think you may have a problem, take advantage of the services Kounty K9 can provide to you in order to reassure your customers your facility is bed bug free!

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Why Kounty K9?

With 20+ years of experience handling canines in law enforcement, our handler/canine team is as dependable and professional as they come!

Our canine is a NESDCA certified, highly trained bed bug detection canine from England. Unlike most canines in the field, our canine is not food driven. She is toy driven which makes her more accurate and precise with an unbelievable amount of energy ready to work.

Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection Services is not affiliated with any extermination company. We will not attempt to sell any product to you. Kounty K9 will locate and verify whether a problem exists. Should our canine alert on the presence of bed bugs, we will also provide a visual inspection of the surrounding areas and recommend the next step.